IFFINA 2016, JAKARTA – In order to lift the domestic product, the Association of Furniture Industry and  Handicrafts Indonesia (Asmindo) will hold an international exhibition, IFFINA, for domestic products.
By inviting buyers from 100 countries. 9th event will be held on 10 to 13 March 2016. The International Furniture & Craft Fair Indonesia 2016 (IFFINA 2016) will be followed by 300 participants from all over Indonesia and 85% are members Asmindo. Target buyers from 100 countries reached 3500. (Source:

In the event IFFINA in 2016 we EVENTPRO, which always provide services of making booth
at Jakarta.

At this time we produce booth from WWF: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is a
international non-governmental organizations that deal with issues of conservation, research and
environmental restoration, formerly called the World Wildlife Fund and is still the official name in Canada and the United States. (Source:

This time EVENTPRO Exhibition contractor from Jakarta. Have used the theme of wood, we provide a natural green minimalist concept. With a total area of ​​90m2 WWF  will be displaying several products of their SMEs and there is also have a workshop for they product in the exhibition. With a table that is equip with storage space, we can use so the maximum space.  So that the exhibition feels comfortable.



Cosmobeaute is the largest beauty exhibition in Jakarta. We, as an kontraktor pameran service that provides booth stand supplies, on this event worked on the booth of Amaranthine. Amaranthine is a beauty product which is quite popular among the people.

In the 2015 Cosmobeaute event, the Amaranthine booth was in the size of 36m2— a concept that has been created and prepared by Amaranthine on its own. The concept of the backdrop comes with a multi-function display, branding and a storage. Maxed on its essential designs yet cost-effective yielded satisfying results for the construction of the Amaranthine exhibition booth at a big event such as the 2015 Cosmobeaute.


GESS 2015

This is an event held for the education center and was first held in Jakarta. It was held at the Jakarta Convention center last September 30, 2015.

EVENTPRO, as in exhibition contractor in Jakarta, providers for manufacturing service booths (Jasa Pembuatan Booth Pameran). We had the opportunity to work with one of the best solution providers with advanced technology for education— EPTEC. This time, technology is the theme for the EPTEC booth at the exhibition.

With their sophisticated product display combined with the brand logo display. The combination of blue and white LED’S in the booth dominated the event, making it one of the limelight at the GESS event.



Asia Technology Education Expo (AETE) 2015 is the right platform in Indonesia to showcase the industry’s best products and services to meet the changing needs and expectations in the world of teaching and learning processes. AETE is targeted at educators and educational institution managers, policy makers and business decision makers. It’s designed to :

  • Showcase new ways of instruction and best practices to encourage and motivate learning, solve learning or performance problems across all ages.
  • Provide insights into emerging trends in training, development and education and . showcase the solution capabilities of educational or instructional technology providers.
  • Opening up a big potential market for modern instructional facilities, technology , systems , products and services.
  • Integrating trends, technology and trade into three focus education hubs-learning technology, learning contents and Instructional Strategies.
  • Create opportunities for networking , thought leadership , industry collaboration and sharing of ideas that inspire learning. (

This time, we, EVENTPRO an exhibition contractor in Jakarta built the EPTEC booth for the 2015 AETE event.

“PT. EP-TEC Solutions Indonesia is a private joint venture of EP-TEC Asia Corporation  and PT. Caturkarsa Megatunggal. Established in 2005 to meet the demand of Information Technology industry in Indonesia, we provides the best solutions for both education and corporate with the core value of “Enabling People with Technology”. ( )

In building our EPTEC booth as exhibition contractor who provides manufacturing exhibition booths and event designed the booth with the concept of Hitech because EPTEC itself is a product of Technology Education whom are highly needed in the educated line.

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